May 8, 2011

Learn Forex from Agnes Monica

Learn Forex from Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica

Do you know Agnes Monica?

You will know her if you are:
  • Indonesian Teenager with a lot of energy, and like to watch pop-music festival ^^
  • Watched American Music Award 2010 - She is the gorgeous Red Carpet host.
  • Google her after you read this post. 

I knew Agnes Monica since I was a child. This is the cover of her kid's song album. The song she sang was about getting your ass to learn hard if you want to succeed at school. My favorite song.

She is a singer. A very top singer here in Indonesia. Has a great voice and cool choreography skills too.

I INSIST you to see her Video right now!

With her career and business as a world class entertainer, I bet if she has enough time to watch over a chart.

Yes, I think she is not into the business of forex. 

However, I would like to write about her.
Because here in Indonesia, we all know what she wants. She almost always stated it to the public audiences about what she wants. "Go International!" It is her dream.

She know what she wants. It took years to achieved with lot of sweat and tears. But she did it.

Now, what if we have the mentality of Agnes Monica as a trader. What I learned from her is that she did exactly what she needed to do to achieve her dreams.

  • She do what she said she will do
  • She do it on time
  • She do it without being monitored and supervised.

What is my dream? I want to be a world class trader. Nay!

Life is not just about trading.

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