May 5, 2011

OANDA News Aggregator - The New ATNABTU

OANDA News Aggregator - The New ATNABTU

OANDA News Aggregator

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Well, let us see what am I going to write.

Oanda News Aggregator. Have you ever heard about it?
It is a news aggregator, what else can I say?

But, it is really new. The name of course. It used to be ATNABTU, abbreviated from All Their News Are Belong To You.

You should find about ATNABTU whenever you search for Forex News Aggregator. Well, it doesn't help much when it comes to trade. Because the news posted in this aggregator are derived from many forex websites.

It is like a forex news supermarket.

This tools actually help those traders with no news feed. Whenever I see a significant moves on the market I will type ATNABTU on my browser and searching about any relevant news.

Like what happen today:


You can find out about it on ATNABTU - Oanda News Aggregator. It is when Trichet report that ECB will wait the rate hike. A sign of risk averse news, which make the EUR move south.

So, why wait? Check about it right now.
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