May 6, 2011

The Purpose of Trading

The Purpose of Trading

I talked with a friend this evening.

We were sharing anything from workplace to our family life.
What I remember the most, is that when he talked about a purpose.

''What is the purpose of praying?'' He asked me.
''It is to get us connected with our Kreator, right?.'' He continued.


He then told me about a moment when the prayer become very intense to a level none will able to distract. When the heart filled with joy and the warmth of His presence.
It is never easy. Concentration and focus are the main ingredients.

What happen most of the time: distractions come. And when it comes, I may forgot the purpose of my prayer. giving up to my restless mind while still in praying positions. The duty to finish the prayer may be done, but the purpose of it is not fully reached.

When it comes to trading, do I remember the purpose of it?

Do the feeling of excitement replaced the true purpose of growing the capital on a consistent basis?

Be it scalping or trend following. Fundamental or technical. They are only our medium to fulfill the purpose.

"Life is not just about Trading"
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