June 15, 2011

Forex Trading Cheat Sheet for News Trader

Forex Trading Cheat Sheet for News Trader

Woody Allen

Henry Liu Forex from HLFX Network is releasing the newest News Trigger sheet for forex trader.
As we know, the economic calendar is crucial for forex trading business.

Because news moves the market.

We can see the list of news release per day on Forex Factory or DailyFX.
But, trading the news release is not without problems.

Most common misunderstandings when using economic calendar:

  • I just need to see the forecast versus the previous, if the forecast is better then the currency will be stronger. Of course not, what we really need to see is the actual release versus the forecast.
  • If the news is bad for U.S Dollar, then we BUY EUR/USD. Not quite, this is where the market context* concept gets in. 
  • If the actual news release is better than the forecast, then the currency will be stronger. Not every release will give significant changes to the currency even if it is in red (high impact news). We need to see the deviation between the actual and the forecast. The wider the deviation, the wilder it moves.
  • Every high impact news release will always impacting the market. 
*there are 2 market context: RISK APPETITE (optimist) and RISK AVERSE (pessimist).
Whenever the market is in risk appetite mode, then every good news will increase the demand on risky financial instruments such as: stocks, euro, sterling and aussie dollar because their yields are higher than the U.S dollar.

On the other hand, when the market is in risk aversion mode, every bad news from the market will make investors and institution to allocate their assets into safe haven: gold, U.S dollar and Japanese Yen.

What will this cheat sheet do to you:

  1. Henry already filtered the tradable news for major currency. There are literally hundred of news, but not all of them will move the market. The news on the list comes from Henry Liu years of research on news which give most desired impact.
  2. Even the filtered news won't always give us the opportunity to get decent profits. Therefore, he also provided the deviation (Tradable Trigger). So, the actual news release of U.S Non Farm Payroll should deviate +70k or -70k from the forecast.
  3. Once the deviation hit (triggered) then, we may expect that the market will moves in certain range.

After you download it, it is better for you to study it first. The best way is to subscribed to HLFX Network.
Henry will send you the recommendation using the trigger cheat sheet, plus his commentary.

It has saves me a lot of trouble looking for news to trade.

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