January 10, 2012

EUR/USD Forex Signal

EUR/USD Forex Signal

Dear Traders,

I have updated the signal for EUR/USD in my Zulutrade account, and am gladly to share it with you.
Remember to read my disclaimer. This post is just for informational purpose. Nothing is more destructive than to follow another person signal and blame him for losses, and only say thank you for profit you gained.

Ok, let us start. The signal is very simple. The chart is the candlestick chart of EUR/USD, with daily timeframe. The market rhythm is showing a clue that the EUR/USD is likely to move toward 21 EMA.
Of course after it successfully broke the 8 EMA.

Therefore, it is a good idea to put long position with target profit around 21 EMA.

And, we have to be well prepared when the price go against us. The stop is at 1.2660, just below yesterday's low at 1.2664.

Have any opinion? Please, feel glad to share...
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  2. Please click on the picture for larger image.. the target profit is hit.


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