January 8, 2012

A Movie for Traders to Watch

A Movie for Traders to Watch

Dear Investors,

I really like to watch movie. In fact, I am really get so serious when watching a movie so I had to chose my time carefully not to be disturbed during the movie time.

For me, watching movie is like reading a moving book. I can learn the human emotion when they are faced with certain condition and predict how they will react.

And in trading, human emotion is very critical.

Some notes before you read further! I am not in any way endorsing you to download any pirated movie, I just want to share about Frostwire!

There is a movie that is hard to find especially in Indonesia. The movie is Boiler Room

The movie explore the drama of ancient human emotion: Fear and Greed.

Seth Davis, is an intelligent and ambitious college dropout who runs a casino. Eager to show his father that he can succeed, Seth tried a job in a small stock broker. He is given a 'boiler room' as a space where he makes sales call to prospective clients. It turns out that Seth has a talent for cold calling.

Now, Seth filled with great emotion after approval of his superiors, the admiration of his father, and the attentions of his co-workers. What would you do to get all of those?

I am not about telling you the whole story here, but it is a good movie for traders to watch. I think it can be downloaded from torrent.. or can't it?

And talking about torrent, have you heard about Frostwire? The torrent downloader said to have same power as Limewire pro! Now I get your attention? We all know how cool Limewire is.

The best thing is, Frostwire is 100% free! Download it now! - (and download your favorite movie next.. hahaha)

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