January 7, 2012

Top 3 Forex Market Movers for 2012

Top 3 Forex Market Movers for 2012

Dear traders,

We know that the market is moved by investor's sentiments. Optimist or Pessimist.
When the most of investors is optimist we call them as 'Bulls', when the investors is pessimist we call them as 'Bear'.

When investors haven't decided yet, we call them as Crab. Because Crab walks sideways. And some crab can be very sexy.

When a Crab is Walking

I want to update the top three issues every traders should get their hand dirty on.
They are:

  • European Sovereign Debt Crisis - Yes, I know you may have guessed. And you guessed it right. The European Debt Crisis hasn't been solved yet, and there is little chance that it will be solved this year.
  • China Economic Growth is Slowing Down - This is related with the first issue. China exported a lot of things to Europe, America and other countries as well. When the European face a hard-punch, they decided to spend less on goods with 'made in china' label on them. Therefore, the China income from their biggest customers is deteriorated.
  • Oil - Yes, you hear me right. The news about Iranian trying to closed out the Hormuz straight is hitting American right in the face. The Hormuz straight serve about 20 percent of the world oil trades. Imagine, if the Iranian really decided that Obama is not good enough for their well-being.

What I really hope that, we can survive from the real crisis yet to come. 
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