September 1, 2012

An Hour Video About Why 95% Trader Failed by Wise FX

An Hour Video About Why 95% Trader Failed by Wise FX

It is not by implemented the wrong strategy or indicators. You may have the best strategy and $2000 worth indicator or EA, but still ended up losing money. So why, do we failed?


The video is narrated my Michael Loo, one of the Wise FX's mentor.
In this post I will write what I learned the most from the video.

Perspective is the Beginning

Do you know how your perspective on someone or something was formed?
Do know why do you view your life as it is now?

Do you really know what is your perspective towards the financial market?

However, we have to put an accurate view of the financial market before trying to dwell in it. 


One way to understand it is to know your position in the market, and who your counter-parties are!
Financial market is place full of sharks! And your position in it is as a shark bait. The only thing they want is your hard earned money. If only you think this way, I bet you would have prepared yourself more before you jump in. But no one ever told you that, right? Not even your broker.

Is there any RIGHT perspective toward the market?

Perspective alone won't help you much. But it is true, inaccurate perspective is the culprit of our own wrongdoing. 

There are many other factors which may formed your trading fate. However, I really recommended you to watch the video. Or visit the Wise FX website.

Or, you may also join their Facebook Group at:

You may have failed trading before! But, you will never know how good you will be if you quit!

Disclaimer: This video is a promotional and marketing tools of Wise FX. They are promoting trading mentoring program which endorse the trend following trading psychology and strategy (they called themselves as 'turtle'). I have not any affiliation with them. I just found out that the video is worth watching if you want to know why do you lost your money. And how to get over it!

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