November 20, 2012

Trading Like an Expert Event Organizer

Trading Like an Expert Event Organizer

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Trading is a business, and like other business it requires certain set of skills. Somehow, when I started trading at the first time, it feels more like a video game.

It is not wrong to trade with fun. But, always remember to harness your trading skill like a world class. Today, I want to write an interesting relativity between trading and event organizing skills.


Time is our asset, it needs to be managed. It means that we are able to manage our time so that we are able to do everything that we have to do. I am sure that you are aware, most of us doing trading along with our daily job. Not to mention the time we need to share with our loved ones. Setting the priority is essential.


An event organizer no matter how expert she is, still a human being. She encounter problems on daily basis. From small yet demanding to big problem like the world gonna end. She needs to determine the best solution in a quick and effective manner. This comes with experience. 

The more you trade accordingly to your plan, the more experience you will get, the more effective you will be.


It is another decision making method. Trading requires an excellent decision making method. An event organizer needs this skill very much, as she will encounter many options and decided the best thing to do. As for trader, she will need to evaluate what went wrong in the previous trading activity as well as to keep a trading journal.

What I really admire from an event organizer is her visualizing ability. She can almost manage to foresee the future. In a matter of fact, she create it with her mind. She is able to predict what problem may arise, therefore preparing her team to anticipate every single possibility.

As I said before, "The difference between excellent and good is attention to details." 

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