May 20, 2013

Indonesian Property Market Trend 2013

Indonesian Property Market Trend 2013

Beautiful Jakarta, from the Gelora Bung Karno.

Indonesia as one of the emerging market country, would be the target of global investors. Sectors of particular concern today is our domestic property market. Moreover, economies of the developing countries are experiencing a massive slowdown and financial crisis in Europe is not abating. It is confusing where to put our money to.

Countries with stagnant economy will look for other country such as Brazil, Rusia, India, China, South Africa and Indonesia which still have huge potential to grow because we have the natural resources needed to keep the global economy going.

In Indonesia, the survey also shows a growing middle class in the big cities of Indonesia is quite significant. The middle class's economic growth is directly affected the rising demand for houses and other property.

"72 percent of respondent (Indonesian surveyed) are willing to buy property 6 to 12 month ahead, 64% of them are more willing to buy houses instead of any other property."

It is interesting that in the midst of the current global economic uncertainty, the growth properties in Indonesia can be considered rapid and stable.

As a comparison, please note the following chart. By using google trends, we can see how many people are looking for information about 'jual rumah (selling house)' compared to the chart of EURUSD price movement below.

With the EURUSD as one of the indicator of investor's risk appetite, we can see it clearly that the Indonesian property market is still on its long term up trend while the EURUSD is going downward. It is just a simple analysis. After all, the market is as simple as that. It is us that made it complicated.

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